B sides and other songs

I really wish AFI would release b side songs and special edition album songs etc on CD and streaming platforms so people like me can hear them. There are a number of AFI songs I’ve never heard.


As much as I don’t support the concept of people posting artists music to YouTube, there are some on there that - to your point - are not really available elsewhere. Are there specific ones you’re looking for?

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That would actually be really rad if they released something lime that, till then you tube has just about everything if you know what to look for.

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I know Apple Music has the UK version of sing the sorrow with Synesthesia on it, so some streaming platforms are starting to get with it.

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Lucky, i wish spotify would do that :joy:

You can often get b side songs from artists in mp3 sites aimed at djs like mp3 eagle. They do have a subscription type thing but they also sell single tracks. My husband got Decemberunderground from there originally and Head Like a Hole was the last track. I wasn’t aware that wasn’t a normal thing for years lol. I do really like b side type cds but I suppose mp3s are the next bet thing.