B sides for Burials and Blood

Anyone know why there are no B sides for these albums? I would imagine there would be one or two. The closest thing I know of is the Get Hurt Demo version.

I never heard the get hurt demo thanks!They go into the studio with 60-100 songs they’ve said,I even asked Jade and he said most are complete songs and get demoed and shelved pretty much I’m sure they’ll do something because since STS I know they’ve had 60-100 songs.These are the only 2 Bside I know of for The newer era

The View From Here is DU era. The Wolf and the Lamb is a fan edit using vocals from a Blaqk Audio song. Neither of those are b-sides from Burials or the Blood Album.


You’re totally right,my apologies,I should have clarified that they were not from blood or burials. I meant that’s only what we have so far in terms of unreleased materials.That werent official Bsides like we got with DU and Crash,I had no Idea about the fan edit but should of known by the title the wolf and the lamb that it wasn’t officially titled by the band.