Band promo photo central& rare cool merch and stuff post em here


I can get that one to you too. BTW that’s the BSITS promo, not STS.


Oh right Davey did have the rows prior STS I feel like a noob!LOl!


Hey my bro,the photos are up top on this thread,but I’m assuming you mean the hq scans I do at costco,sure I’ll do it tomorrow,if you want man I can make extra actual photo scans and mail them to you,its the least I can do for you after all these years,please let me do you this solid!
BTW if anyone else would like hq photo copies to frame I got you covered just respond below


If you could scan them with a 600ppi resolution and send the scans my way, it would be great! Don’t want to put you through the hassle of mailing them out. A good scan will be enough. Thanks!


Ok bro I’ll be off to fedex store in a bit and see how they come out!


Hey Pablo,I should receive my dork copy from Afivinyl any day now as soon as it arrives I got your rip coming,also today I’ll scan 600ppi of all the band promo photos.Just giving you an update and letting you know I didnt forget ya!


Awesome dude! I’m excited!


No luck today with the mailok good news some have received their in store today,I should have mine Monday and if I can’t rip it I’ll send I can’t to you


Sure dude no problem, I’m patiently waiting! Thanks!