Band promo photo central& rare cool merch and stuff post em here


Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing well. I would love to have every AFI band promo photo to add to the collection.I will post what I found online and will be making hq copies.If you have one and want to share I will bless you in some way.EDIT:I know where and have had permission years ago for the merch stuff,if the promo photos are yours or if anything here is yours illl remove or give credit personaly,Thanks guys




Original Alan Forbes AOD artwork


Bombing the bay test press




My two favorites ight have to make my own distressed versions


Where’d you get that first one?


Just a basic search,a few members know I’ve been trying to accumulate scans to make a framed collection and I’ve been wanting to have all the official releases, I remember I asked you for some scans but. is it your personal photo?I apologize if it is and will edit it out if you like I totally didn’t mean to exploit as if it were mine,it popped up a few times on different searches,the rest of the scans like the older photos and tees and things I had archived as a teen from an older fan who had a page of real cool stuff (the older tees and other things from mikey rhino that never seen the light of day,I’m trying to remember her handle but she was really cool she would be cool to have on board as she had rare adverts and things.The other newer press photos like crash,burials,and blood (I’m not sure if that’s a promo photo but it’s the only thing closest to whatI’ve seen for blood) were from news sites and promo write ups none personal requiring permission.Again if that top one is yours I apologize and will edit.Thanks storms,have you seen the tees of them animated or the third season one?Those were new to me.


Sorry, I just haven’t gotten to scanning the photo yet. I certainly don’t mind if they’re here or if you’re using a photo of mine… that’s quite alright. Also, yes, I obviously encourage any and all AFI fans to come here and hopefully fall in love with the community we’ve built so far.

There’s a few one those I haven’t seen before. Then again it’s very difficult to keep up with everything. :slight_smile:


I posted a 600ppi scan of the Wingnut promo. Unfortunately, no one else is contributing.


Can someone explain the purpose of this thread and what you want contributed?


The purpose of this thread is to post high quality scans of all the photos and posters that are OOP or currently not for sale by any official site or store.

That way, the fan base will gain access to very rare photos that are nowhere to be found, like the Wing nut photo I posted.

This will also help fans to save money from buying them off resellers on eBay for ridiculous prices. This will also fight the selling of fake copies, as they would be available for free online.

Post Your AFI Collections

Mainly it was for the band promo photos but as it says in the title any cool merchandise like old tees,rare store advertisements,set lists, things we may have missed,whatever you think is cool or not seen everyday.Feel free.Is that cool with everyone?I don’t want to impose or take away from other threads that existed before hand


Thanks Pablo it came out great,I should have the dork record tomorrow and I’ll try to rip mini trucks if I can’t I’ll send it your way.Storms is sending a few,I’ll let you know how the photos of the ones I posted come out,would you like hi res copies I don’t mind I was going to print out a few anyway


Currently having trouble with my copier, so I had to use a phone app.


Thank you dude. I hope you can rip it. I’m really surprised and bummed there’s no rip of it out there yet.


Awesome I have 7 official promo photos I’m going to print them hq and frame them,the only one I need is sts era where davey has the corn rows I only have low quality.thanks guys.Pablo you should have your hq rip this week,what’s it been 15 years?!


Can you scan them and post them here please?