Been meaning to join


Found the forum from IG a while back. I’m bad about following through, figured I’d join before Mourning in Amerika west coast happens.

I’m 37 and AFI has been my favorite band since I saw Girls not Grey at 3A.M. on MTV2. Before that I listened a little alternative but mainly 80s seemed 90s hiphop. Thanks to AFI I’ve been on a music journey ever since STS.

I’m from Tacoma, WA and I’ve seen them around 15 times, and BA two times.

Best memory is Davey choosing my hand when he jumped down to the barrier and singing right at me.


Welcome!! I hope you enjoy your stay here c:


Welcome @Matthew!

You may also see @sayasha and @Cher_I_Despair at those shows. :slight_smile:

Thanks for signing up! Consider this your new AFI forum-home. :slight_smile:


Which shows im doing seattle irvine and santa barbra then thats it 15 shows 2 less then I did for blood tour​:joy::joy::joy:


Awesome! B.C. Seattle Portland!

Plus I’m going to Johnny Marr in Seattle the Friday before so that’s 4 shows in 5 days!


SICK! That will be a lot and exciting. Do me a favor and post pics of their merch table. :slight_smile:


I’m doing BC and Seattle! I saw that Johnny Matt show and seriously thought about it!


My dear…That is because you somehow have a ton of funds for this…Idk how you do it. XD Granted…I have a child as well lol. Or are you doing OTHER things for money. =p

You’re going to Nashville right?


I’ll be in line all day so I’ll see you there!


Yeah im getting ready to work my last 3 days then head to mineapolis and then to nashville after words the the 3 texas shows break a week then do weat coast shows.