Behind the Times EP on eBay


So, browsing eBay just now, I see this…

Look at this on eBay

However, it looks like they have both sides of the vinyl pictured and both are the same. Unless it’s the same side pictured? Plus, I don’t see numbers on the vinyl.

Photo of mine below: the letters / numbers (serial number is hand carved into the vinyl or at least it looks like that) serial number: U-35344M-A

Thoughts? Mine better not be fake… of course it’s hard to tell nowadays. :frowning:

EDIT: Nevermind… it looks just like mine. It looks like the real deal. Photo three you can see the track listing on the other side of the vinyl.


Still, it’s something to be vigilant about. Thanks for looking out for everyone.


I see there was a Dork that sold in April of this year (WHERE THE FUCK WAS I???) for $1,001.

Call me crazy, but I likely would have bid $1,500. Then again that person may have bid $3K for all I know.

The Dork is the holy grail. I also heard that there are EXTREMELY RARE test pressings of the Dork on yellow vinyl. Maybe a myth?


Damn. I don’t know if I would spend that much. I love AFI, but while I love collecting vinyl and merch for them, I don’t know if I would go that high. Haha. It might also be because I’m trying to buy a house…but seriously, if you can do it and you find it, go for it. That’s some serious dedication.


Well, like I said it’s the holy grail. I have Behind the Times, Eddie Picnics, Heckle, Bombing the Bay, Fly in the Ointment (original pressing evidently), hell I even have the Bacteria Sour EP that has Fish Bowl on it… I did pay way too much for that, but it’s whatever… that was years ago.


And here I am feeling guilty rebuying the Crash Love vinyl for $150z


That’s one that I still need. I got the CD when it came out but I was disconnected from the AFI internet at the time.

I need Crash Love and Burials on vinyl… and the special blood types for the Blood Album. Damn me for not buying them when the album first came out…


I have the grey pressings for both Black Sails and Art of Drowning; I finally got my hands on STS red vinyl a few weeks ago. I have that special, 7 inch set of Decemberunderground (my ex gifted me that one before we broke up and he cheated on me the first time Sigh at least something good came out of that). I just bought Crash Love. I have the double white LP vinyl for Burials. When The Blood album came out, I went nuts. I have all four of the blood types, the red and black marble one, and the Urban Outfitters exclusive. I also have the All Hallows EP on the orange vinyl (believe it or not, that was a Halloween gift from a friend). And I have a bunch of the STS and Decemberunderground era singles and picture discs. Then there’s all the BA, Xtrmst, and Dreamcar vinyl. It’s not the greatest collection, but it’s mine. LOL. And no one is allowed to touch my vinyl. No one. I’m pretty sure I’ll be buried with them since no one but me appreciates them.


Burials was a double-vinyl? Fuck… I need to start looking for that on eBay. I should probably wait though since AFI stuff is so hot right now.

See, I have earlier stuff that is awesome like an AOD Advance CD, radio singles of many songs including DOTP, etc… Leaving Song Pt II. Back before I fell away… I was nuts… I got everything. It did some to a point where it was hard to keep up though.

I’m also sad I missed that repress of Fly in the Ointment by Wedge Records. :frowning: :frowning:


When they opened the preorder for The Blood, I was at a rest stop on my way to Salem, MA for Halloween weekend. I literally sat at a table while my friends ordered food and ordered all the albums. Haha.

Ugh, I wish I had real cash back then and not meager babysitting funds. LOL. I used to scrape together whatever I had to order/get stuff from FYE, Tower Records, etc. They used to bankrupt me.

Actually, they still bankrupt me. It’s a problem.


Well, at least when you got stuff from actual retailers… it was at retail cost and not eBay bidding wars. I find it kinda repulsive this Behind the Times vinyl hasn’t sold yet for the $160. Back when I needed I would’ve bought it for that in a second.


Bidding wars make me so anxious, but yeah, I saw that. I’m surprised no one has nabbed it yet.


It went for $177.


Well then. Well, congrats to the person who finally got it.


There was a time where everyday I would be getting an eBay package at my door. At the same time I’d probably be terrified to see what was left in my savings account. However, now when I see these things… it is tempting but I do have more control than I did back then. :slight_smile:

Though if this was a Test Pressing, I would have rolled my sleeves up for a bidding war, LOL. :smiley:


Hahaha, that’s amazing. And, yeah, if it was a test pressing I would totally understand that.