Blood singles question

I know that these singles refer to different blood types and the different versions of the vinyl they released with blood, but did anyone figure out what the songs actually are or what they mean? Are they random parts of blood played backwards or what. And sorry if this question was already answered 2 years ago :see_no_evil:

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I probably don’t understand the question but I thought the four blood type variants were all the same music but with different colored vinyls. Is there more to it than that?

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If you listen to the singles “A+”, “AB-“, “O-“, theyre 40 second recordings of what sounds like davey speaking backwards and music. I’m curious if anyone recorded and reversed them so we could hear what’s being said

There’s my disconnect; I have not heard these singles because I’m a filthy casual. Now I’m interested and will check them out.

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Since they were released in 2016 they were definitely just used as teasers for the blood album, but I always wonder if there was more to it. Afi mysteries!

Yeah, I see that they were teasers…looks like one of them was translated to: “Follow me into this room. Promise me, you’ll keep your eyes closed. I can’t let you see me sleeping.”

There are YT videos where people decipher them. AP has a good article on it:

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Yess! Thank you for posting this.

And for fellow science nerds like me, O- is the universal donor type, AB- is the rarest blood type, and A+ is tied with O+ for being the most common blood type. These are 3 of 8 different blood types.

I doubt the blood types used have any relations to the song content though