Bodies Vinyl Update

Hello fellow fans, I want to express my dissatisfaction with the Pre Order Vinyl. People complain for everything and I am not one of them, I actually went out and bought a cd to hold me over. It’s October and not one word from merch store. What’s the point of a pre order when you can find in stores or eBay? If the band signed some of the vinyls I would absolutely love that or something special to show appreciation for pre orders. Am I alone?

Thank you,

I missed out on getting the deluxe edition of the vinyl, but I did see a post on Instagram on the @afiheadquarters page recentlysaying they were expected to ship in October. Agreed the production delays are super frustrating, AFI are not the only band that have had delays this year. Unfortunately vinyl production plants are dealing with a double issue of being backed up from lockdowns as well as materials shortages :frowning:

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I do sympathize and don’t want to come across as a little spoiled brat. Tho I reached out every month and it gets back, they did say it’s expected to ship October 15, 2021 but not 100% positive. What is frustrating is you don’t update the fans and offer us 20% like where special only to give to people who didn’t pre order.