Bozeman MT setlist


DespairFaction.Club members get to see this first!

Girls Not Grey
So Beneath You
17 Crimes
Dancing Through Sunday
Love Like Winter
Paper Airplanes
Snow Cats
Sacrifice Theory
I Hope You Suffer
Miss Murder


Glad to see you here Michael!


Hey michael hows the rest of tour been? Im having ti cancel seattle and irvine :frowning: so I only have santa barbra left​:sob::sob::sob: I hope you will be there for my bday show I want to have a couple friends there cause most weat coast people hate me or their friends hate me so they hate me because of it.


Thank you @MichaelStewart !


Hey Michael! Found the forums. What an amazing show and one hell of a cold night. Thanks for convincing my friend and I to stick around and for keeping us in good company while we waited. I hope you get your elusive Davey signature tonight!


Davey only came out for one show the entire tour and that was austin Texas and there was like only 10 of us for that Fritch was a sweetheart and made it happen.


Holy crap sacrifice theory. Only heard that live once a looong time ago.


I wish theyd do the great disapointment again I got live 1st ever premeire in Atlanta last year and want to hear it again​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: