Bringing topics back from the dead is ok!

I’ve just noticed an uptic in some of my threads being posted in after active discussion has died down.

I just want to post to say that I’m pretty sure that in this point in the board’s development, that should be more than ok.

We are small but growing. If you find something someone posted a couple months ago, I don’t think you should feel at all hesitant to comment because you weren’t there at the time. I say this because I don’t think that new users should feel discouraged from trying to participate in the conversation, even if it hadn’t been active for awhile. Their viewpoint can spark new conversation, which is great!

I’m posting this in the hopes people feel free to post in older topics without worry. If you have something to bring to the table, I’m pretty sure we are all ears. Post away!

If I’ve missed some crucial rule somewhere by posting this, please remove, or stone me to death, as appropriate.


Nah, you’re good. :slight_smile: This is a great thing to post; thanks!

Honestly, @STORMS and I are just happy that people post. So post away!

Great call and I agree.

I gotta say… my favorite time to post was right after the Sayreville show… fresh off of the high of seeing them, getting items signed…

Now, my favorite time is every time I come here and see all the notifications from you fine folks. :slight_smile:

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