Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas show


On my way right now! Anyone else going tonight?


No but I’m jealous. You should post a review here when you get back! :slight_smile:


Have so much fun!!! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


This was by far the best AFI concert I’ve been to! I wasn’t able to get any video or pictures, however my husband did! Here are some videos
This Celluloid Dream

Silver and Cold

*Edited for pictures


You were in a great spot in the crowd!!! Did Davey crowd walk during I Hope You Suffer?


That’s the closest I’ve ever been, one person away from the barricade! Yes! Davey did his god walk during IHYS and went into the crowd during DOTP! I wish I could’ve gotten footage of both but I couldn’t move my arms lol


He went in for DOTP? That seems rare…? I don’t think he did that for us at Sayreville or 9:30 Club… Very awesome! Was it similar to IHYS or was it a dive?


People were losing it when it happened! He wasn’t walking on the crowd though, he was waking on the side of short walls that separate the stage from a bowling area.
Here’s a video of it (not my video)


Wow, and actually just before 3:53 in the video, Davey says, “Why would you try to pull me down when I have a broken fucking finger. It’s hard enough to climb a balcony…”

I had to watch it a few times but I think that’s what he says.


Yeah we weren’t sure if he was talking to the fans or security. It was hard for me to see but I thought I saw security following right behind him. Either way it’s fucked up trying to pull him down.


After watching it a few times, it looks like security, because it looks like this guy goes over to that spot when Davey gets there. He doesn’t look like a security guy because he’s wearing a shirt with cut-off sleeves, so he looks more like a fan. However, he’s the only one that has his hand up to Davey like that towards the end.

I would have to say it’s staff - I hope so anyway. Because if it was a fan just trying to be helpful, it would be a shitty experience for that fan.


Wow. He sounded really mad. That was almost scary. But if someone was actually trying to pull him down, I definitely don’t blame him.

And even if someone wasn’t actually trying, unfortunately it might have felt like it. I’ve played shows before and it’s hard to know when you feel something like that whether they’re trying to be helpful or not.

Also…when did he break his finger? Did I miss something?


The broken finger is news to me too. I just hope it wasn’t a fan who was pulling him. If I was that fan just trying to be helpful and Davey said that to me, I’d be forever scared.

I’m sure it was legitimate though or I don’t believe he would’ve said it like that. Plus, that dude was the only one with his arm up like that on Davey.


He didn’t say when or how he broke it, but he was showing it off a lot lol and I believe it might be his middle finger :joy:
After watching it a few more times it seems like that guy was doing something but I’m not totally sure. And he’s not security, they had on black polo shirts.


Yeah, it would just suck if it was a fan genuinely trying to help him. :frowning:


It was right during the first song, Girl’s Not Grey, they he either cut his finger open, or something with the microphone (from what I could tell). Someone from the side stage got him a bandage on his finger and he basically flipped off the crowd over and over throughout the night.