Bullet Music reviews AFI show at the Tabernacle 07.18.17


On the night that 37mm from Decemberunderground was played for the first time, BulletMusic.net have written a very nice and honest review of AFI. Complementing their energy levels, longevity of the band and the crucial sound factors that each respective member of the band individually provides. They have also been playing a wide range of songs from their albums, going back as far as '99 at times.

Check out their view here:

AFI busted out a deep cut from 2006’s Decemberunderground titled “37mm,” stating that it was the first time they have played it live. Rattling high-hat and tom hits from Adam drove along the tune, with the mantra of “We are no one” capping the song off in a gloomy fashion. “Wester” from The Art of Drowning truly showcased Adam’s frantic drumming style, as well as Hunter and Jade’s… continue reading.

Credit: AFINewsHQ