Burials contest art for "A Deep Slow Panic"


So, this is years ago but I recently found it online and perhaps it might be new to you too. Below is a link with Burials contest art for the Burials song, “A Deep Slow Panic”. Within it are fan versions of this that would become the artwork for the single, “A Deep Slow Panic”.

While I’m not seeing anything on discogs.com about this, the art is still very neat. Check it out below:

Also, here’s the AFINewsHQ article about the winning design:


I was going to say “since when was ADSP a single? It doesn’t have a video!” but actually that artwork does ring a bell somewhere in my mind. I also found this:

…but that seems to be the only upload of it - and it wasn’t uploaded by AFIVevo…
Is it legit? I do quite like it.

Edit: Half the time I can answer my own questions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So yes, it is legit. Found it on HQ:


I remember this contest! And, yep, ADSP was a single. At the time I felt it was an odd choice, especially for an album that had much more radio ready singles on it. But, I do love that song.