Chairs at AFI and No Pit

Hey guys, I’m going to see AFI in San Diego, and it has recently been brought to my attention that the venue there actually has fixed chairs, assigned seating, and no pit whatsoever. I will admit that the notion that I don’t have to wait in line for hours on end, because I’m guaranteed my spot in the front is pretty nice. But waiting in line with my fellow AFI fans has always been part of the experience. I also don’t know how I feel about no pit.

I was kind of wondering what the rest of your opinions on this kind of venue when it comes to seeing AFI?


Oh, dude, that kills the vibe completely. I am so sorry. Hopefully people will still get into it. I hate those venues for AFI. Even venues with a “no mosh pits” rule kind of take the fun away. But you are still seeing AFI, so…

And I do love waiting in line. It is fun. I will admit I’m shy at first and have a tendency to read a book online if I’m by myself, but being amongst everyone who loves the same band is always a lot of fun.

Maybe still go a bit early anyway?

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I am kind of hoping with all the venue changes, they’ll change this one.


Yeah, I’ve been to an AFI show years ago that I was in assigned seating. I went with a (girl) friend of mine YEARS ago that had invited me along… if only I could remember what year it was and where it was. I would guess pre’06.

But yeah, it kinda has its perks. I mean it doesn’t change the fact that YOU’RE SEEING AFI, however, you have no freedom. If you get out of your chair to stand up for feel like an asshole because you’re blocking everyone else’s view, etc. I believe I was actually asked to find my seat because I was watching the show and getting really into it and wanted to get closer (NOT the pit, but just closer) and the same thing happened… I had to sit down.

If I was able to see AFI again this year but had to sit down in an assigned seat… it would kinda be over my head like a cloud, but you just gotta remember that you’re seeing AFI so you make the exception.

I’m not trying to spoil your mood or anything. I’m just reminiscing from my experience.

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