Change in proximity

Due to AFI being rooted in the punk ethos, we (their fans) are accustomed to being packed in the pit. I wonder how their future shows will be affected by the current pandemic.

I think a lot of shows no matter the genre are packed in the pit. Everything will go back to normal sooner or later.

I guess I haven’t been to enough shows that were’t at least a little hardcore. I had free tickets to see Creed and the pit was full of ladies on lawn-chairs.
I also saw AFI back on 09 at an old venue in the Market District of Pittsburgh and had some guy rub their penis on my arm, twice. The first time I was oblivious, but definitely felt it and was wondering what happened. The second time, I looked down, saw what was happening and the greasy molester slithered off between the crowd. I was mortified, and for months I was scared that I was going to contract herpes, or hpv.