Clandestine interpretations

I remember back when Clandestine was released there was a LOT of time spent trying to figure out what it was all about on the old boards. I was wondering what people think now (or if anyone knows whether AFI have ever explained it)?

The most in depth thing I’ve ever found about it was a deviantart post:

I got a copy of Sing The Sorrow with the DVD on discogs recently so I’ve been wondering about it lately!

I remember when all of us on the DF board went through the STS mystery. It pretty much sent us all on a wild goose chase. But I will tell you this. Sometimes in my thoughts, ‘people’ will ask me who I am and without thinking, I’ll say ‘no one, from nowhere’. It’s creepy, but I say this off guard. I think STS was a great work of art that helped a lot of us get over suicide if nothing else. I think the whole Clandestine idea is a spinoff from SYMAOYE with the keys, AOD with the clock (A Story at Three) and magnifying glass (Smile), and VPOY with the box (Rizzo in a Box). I’m sure there’s more to it, and I could be wrong with these guesses, but that’s what I make of it :wink: