Clove Smoke Catharsis word art


I don’t do word art super often, but I do occasionally, and it’s usually AFI lyrics. Here’s what I started last night and finished this morning.


Totally underrated song from Black Sails. I love Jade’s guitar tone in that song, and especially the way he plays during the chorus. The discordance has such a dark feel to it. Really that entire album, of course, but I hear it prominently in Clove Smoke.

I don’t think this really needs to be said either, but Davey’s lyrics on Black Sails are some of the best, most emotionally affective, most beautiful and unique poetry I have ever read.


Yes to all of what you wrote!


Almost 20 years later, 1:18 - 1:30 still gives me goosebumps every time I listen. :slightly_smiling_face:


I love how focal the chorus is. :heart:


Awesome! I love it! :slight_smile: