Columbia, MD setlist

Girl’s Not Grey

Beautiful Thieves

Get Dark

17 Crimes

Back Into The Sun

So Beneath You

Snow Cats

Miss Murder

They soundchecked I Hope You Suffer, Feed From The Floor, Get Hurt


I can’t wait till they headline again.

This was my 7th time seeing AFI and it was honestly the worst. I was in the lawn. We had people standing in front of us… and I found myself watching the overhead screen more than the stage because of how far back we were…

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Sorry dude, we were on lawn, but they upgraded all of us fo’ free

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Who did?

BTW did you see any of the band after they played?

Yeah how do people keep getting these free upgrades??

I was on the sky lawn, which I think had a better view than the actual lawn

@astheycry saw jade in the parking lot :joy:


Meaning you were able to meet up with him or did you see him in the distance?

This is exactly why I don’t go see AFI when they are openers… especially when they play with big name bands like this who demand higher ticket prices in crappy amphitheater type venues… and like 10 years ago when they opened for Green Day

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I would’ve regretted not going if I didn’t… it was an hour away from me. I’ll just be excited when they headline again, and hopefully go to multiple venues close to me like the Fillmore, Rams Head, Sound Stage, etc.


Cher_I_Despair, some of his friends and I were there when the gates opened, we kept checking the box office and for upgrades, they were insistent that they would not be offering upgrades “at this time, maybe later” . We took our seats on the lawn at the front and center and an employee approached us and offered us all pavilion seating so of course I had to ask “how much” and she was all like “free”


Brilliant- very nice!

I was in the pavilion and it was so empty that I was able to move up to the front row and nobody cared. It was like an intimate little empty show and it was a nice time. I think if you would have gone up to the skylawn you would have had a much better experience.


Sky lawn was awesome!! And I’m surprised more people didn’t leave their seats and go to the front row in the pavilion

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My wife and I got there kinda late… like literally when we got to the lawn the show was starting. It’s cool. I’m glad you guys made out better.

Would have loved to have met you and your SO, I think what you are doing with this site is important. Next time!

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Much, much appreciated… seriously. Every time someone recognizes how much these forums mean to them, it just drives me, so thank you.


We should all meet up next time.



Also, we should resurrect the 5th Column. Wasn’t that collaborations of fans in their different respective locations?

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It definitely wasn’t an AFI crowd. Nobody around me had ever heard of them.

It’s almost as good as pavilion. I saw someone with a Black Sails flag - was that you?