Combining my three passions :) AFI, Reading and Programming

So…even though I’m a Developer…I love to learn and do some 3D Modelling…so I thought about combining my 3 passions which are for sure AFI, Reading and Programming :wink:

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


I had to look at this a few times to see if it was real or not, but then realizing it came from you… I figured. :wink:

BTW Where’s STS and Black Sails? lol

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LOL :slight_smile: That’s the beauty of Blender :wink: And you know that almost every picture from the IKEA catalog is Computer Generated as well? Of course…they are way better than me :blush:

STS is actually next to “I Heard a Voice” although I think that’s not exactly the right cover…and Black Sails…I have the image…but I figure I just forgot to put it :frowning: Let’s say it’s on the record player that is hidden from the view :wink:

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