Covering a new song every week

Continuing from my last post, this week I’m doing “Death of Seasons”. Every single tab and cover of it online plays it wrong. I tabbed it out using every single technique available for getting a clean bass boosted track. Referenced every piece of live footage known to man. This is THE tab for it. Check the link in the video description if you want a PDF of the tab or access to my Guitar Pro files.

I’m trying to tab out and cover as many songs as I can. This board has provided some excellent suggestions for covers and would love to get more from you guys!


That’s amazing! Seriously, it doesn’t surprise me that most of the tabs you found were wrong.

@acondax Very nicely done! I love how you put the bass down towards the end and walk away… very fitting. And your bass is awesome looking btw.

I am requesting that you cover Midnight Sun. :smiley:

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Awesome job Bro! Loved it.

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@sayasha thank you! Any requests?

@STORMS I decided to leave that part in there also because it fit so well too, thanks! Midnight Sun is such a great song. Bass isn’t too challenging on that one, so I shouldn’t have much trouble tabbing that one out.

@Snobgrass thanks man!

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I would love to hear Summer Shudder or Clove Smoke Catharsis!

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