Crash love era DF invitations&Camille rose lithograph s

Hey everyone I was wonderins-l500 (22)g if anyone remembers after the end transmission video contest,The band sent out greeting cards that they made themselves to random DFers,it was on the message board but very rare as there weren’t very many.They included handwritten messages and thank yous and we’re signed by an individual member,I remember jades was in the shape of the heart and had crash across different style from the cover.I also stumbled on eBay and seen the Camille Rose Lithographs she did one for each song limited to 200.It’s exoensive,I think they were 49 bucks originally maybe 100max?Anyone got a set?s-l500 (19)s-l500 (21)

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I have a set of the prints. From what I remember, they were kinda pricey. I think they were only available in album bundles and not sold by themselves.

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Yeah you’re correct it might ve been the bundle with the original glass shard CL logo,then the Camille Rose prints,was any other merch included like a shirt,or vinyl?

It’d be super to have but that’s way too much.

I’ve never seen it before so it’s cool to see.

I really need to find those cards made by the members that they sent out to Despair Faction the were awesome and it was during a quiet time so it brought excitement

Ksf145 and I created a thread for people to post scans of their stuff and save money from resellers.

Only one scan was posted.

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Oh really nice! I had no idea.I’m still looking for a modern usb 7 player to rip your song,I would send but had just done it and the parcel service destroyed my cover the corners and stuff

Yeah I tried printing out the promo photos at 600ppi but I wasn’t using original scans I only had Internet copies,so we would need someone with original promo photos to scan them at 600ppi and we would have gorgeous 8x10s on glossy paper,plus whoever scans them could put a small paper with weareafi as a sort of watermark to avoid ebayers,I will pay for this!this is my dork this is my holy grail all the promo photos!

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These aren’t normal size prints. They’re pretty large so it would be difficult to get quality scans of these.

I’m sorry dnlkdwll I was referring to a past hunt I’ve been on and Pablo joined me, I was talking about the band group press photos the 8x10s,Like you mentioned I believe those Camille Rose are quite large and I think should not be copied as their numbered.I’m a AFI lover on a budget press photos I’ll swallow my pride and ask for an original copy but when we’re talking serial numbered hand signed band approved art I draw the line there hahaha ps I check your discogs everyday hoping things I’ve been eyeying are there wednesday/Thursday latest unless I get my tax refund…holds breath…

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