"Crash Love", the lost era?


Fan, Jim, writes a very interesting article about AFI’s “Crash Love” album. He discusses it as a lost era while explaining the times and why it is so. Many of us heard Yahoo’s interviews with AFI when they spoke of Crash Love and how some fans didn’t even know about the record.

Jim (Jive) talks about this from all sides. Check out the article link below:

Let us know your thoughts on the article below - Agree? Disagree?


Always thought “I Am Trying…” was great, agree with this dude about that. Wasn’t there some contest and some fans ended up doing backing vocals on that one?

Just speaking personally, the relatively low-key vibe of this album was a good way to follow up the over the top 00’s mega popular emo/screamo/whatever, “I can’t believe AFI is this huge now” DU era. Looking back at their catalog as a whole, I think considering DU and CL together, and knowing that neither of them is AFI’s final form, makes me like them both more.

From what I remember, AFI breaking out of their setlist autopilot was the best thing about the CL era.


Yeah, they did!

I always thought it was kinda cool that they got fans in on it.


This… hopefully the do this type of thing again in the future. I could only imagine being picked… I mean, damn.

@LordOfTheLeftHand I like your points with Crash Love… that is a very interesting take. I also agree with “I Am Trying…” while I do like Medicate… this song should have also been a single.


Wow! What an insightful article. I truly enjoy that album, but I can totally see how it’s not quite as memorable as their others…


There are several songs in Crash Love that I really like and I’m sure most of the fans would agree they’re great songs, such as Torch Song, Beautiful Thieves and End Transmission. People also like Ok, I Feel Better Now (not my cup of tea). My favorite song from that album is Darling I Want To Destroy You (especially the clean vocals version) but it doesn’t seem very popular.

I think the problem with this album is how different it sounds from song to song. I don’t feel there’s any cohesion throughout the album.

I remember the terrible marketing for it too. The album cover makes me want to take my eyeballs with a spoon. Remember that spammy campaign to tweet to reveal the album tracks? It was a complete failure as the hashtag was never a trending topic. They also had a website www.veronicasawyer.com with a contest to win 5 signed CDs. You had to send out links for people to check out the new album but the system to win the contest was completely exploitable (I won along with the people who were at AFI News HQ at the time - shoutout to Mary).

Also, I think it’s safe to say that wether we like it or not, AFI’s fame will never ever be as close as it was with Sing The Sorrow and DU especially. It’s nt that the next albums aren’t good, but the genre that was popular during the time they were released was exactly the genre of the records.

I’m prett sure as well that the labels haven’t supported AFI as they should. I remember reading one of the members of AFI (Jade or Davey) saying how they don’t make videos because they’re expensive to make, while I still see other artists posting their videos on YouTube getting billions of views. They just don’t want to invest in AFI for whatever reason.

Also, AFI’s marketing on the internet is terrible. Their social media and website is run by three individuals in their early 20’s who do it pro-bono, with their payment being getting private meet and greets whenever they want to see AFI. They do not have a professional, dedicated team of people willing to promote the band and their releases other than tweeting silly stuff once in a while.


I remember when I watched the video of “Beautiful Thieves” for the first time…I like it but I remember thinking…“Who’s that guy? Where’s Davey?” LOL Then I realized it was just another Davey’s look :stuck_out_tongue:

Then…I watched the “Medicate” video…which I really didn’t like at first…now I love it…but at that time…I was like “meh”…

Anyway…after that I bought the album and listened fully…I really liked it…although of course, was pretty different from the previous ones…

I saw the interview where Davey and Jade go like “Yeah, our friends were like…did you released a new album, really?” I felt like…“damn…what the hell? Wasn’t there any promotion of this album? People just thought it was too different to be AFI?..”

I guess it’s fine…while true fans know and love this album…I think everything is good :slight_smile: