[Crash Love] Watching this saddens me... makes me wonder where I was


AFI on Yahoo talking about Crash Love and how even some DF members had no idea about the album. What the fuck…

Honestly, “Torch Song” is one of my favorite AFI songs and also inspired the “WeAreAFI” logo.


Ummm, I had that thing preordered and went to two of those tour dates…even if I had to take a midterm early to make one of those dates and then skip out on a family portrait day to make the other one. LOL.


I’m angry at myself as well. I remember getting Crash Love when it first came out. I’m sad that I missed all of the merch opportunities AND show opportunities but money had a different factor then.


Yeah, I totally get that. It’s hard. It’s why I struggle to find people to go go gigs with. When Crash Love came out, I was a poor college student, but I had just enough saved from tutoring gigs to pull it all off. It meant that I didn’t go out with my friends for a few weekends, but it was worth it.


I think a lot of people wrote Crash Love off because it was a lot better produced and didn’t have all the darkness of previous AFI works. I also think, based on what I’ve heard from friends and on forums not unlike this one, many people have lived to regret writing off such a great album.


Crash Love was the album that got me into AFI in the first place, so I’m always surprised to hear that other fans wrote it off or didn’t even know it existed.


Crash Love and Sing the Sorrow are constantly competing in my head for my favorite album. I loved the change in direction so much that I didn’t like Burials for a long time.
Also Davey’s look in that era is my fav. Perfect mix of pretty boy and casual.


I didn’t write it off… I just wasn’t in a place to where I was so attached to really any music at the time.

One of the reasons I’ve dived back into it is because of the official forums. I was sad that they were taken down so I decided to come back and start new ones.


there are other AFI fan forums?


I can’t say I wrote off CL, that was the tour that I was able to really start going to shows, and met all of my AFI family, as I was no longer in school.

I’ve heard this a lot about the album personally, including when it was coming out. But I was on the boards at the time, and couldn’t actually go to any shows until they started the regular tour, but this album has a very special place in my heart.


I meant namely reddit and then in forums for music not specifically dedicated to AFI.


Got it day 1 and loved it from the start. I remember when they released “Medicate” just as I was struggling through a particularly bad bout of pneumonia (still the sickest I’ve ever been), and it lifted my spirits somewhat.