Creeper compared to AFI when discussing the revitalization of "Pop Punk"


‘La MusiKalité’, a website of young music lovers who also set their aim at young music have recently put an article together discussing the revitalization of “Pop Punk”. Bands such as “My Chemical Romance” as well as “AFI” are mentioned while discussing the band “Creeper” who fits into the younger category.

While calling any of the bands mentioned in this thread “Pop Punk” would likely result in a slap to the wrist, ‘La MusiKalite’ describe them as such, so we are respecting that.

Two translated quotes from the original article…

It is not a secret that pop punk is, possibly, the musical genre that I hear the most and the one I understand the most. From the fifth Descendents, Green Day and Blink-182 to the most recent groups like AS IT IS, Neck Deep or Real Friends, the pop punk has seen several bands and artists played with style, through the approach pop of groups like Simple Plan or All Time Low to other harder ones like The Story So Far, for example…

With a tougher style, reminiscent of groups like My Chemical Romance or AFI, Creeper has carved a niche among fans of the most emotional, theatrical and… continue reading!


When I finally saw Creeper live, I actually thought to myself “wow, this is AFI circa 2000”.


I saw Creeper live a couple of weeks ago and can definitely say it was very reminiscent of my first AFI show. Which was 2003.


Anyone else tired of hearing Creeper and AFI mentioned in the same sentence?


@dnlkdwll eh, nothing will beat AFI so it doesn’t really matter. I appreciate the reference to them to give them more attention.


When I first heard Suzanne, I was immediately drawn back to AFI and the sounds of 2000. So, no.


I’ve followed creeper from the start, and before that ‘our time down here’, who Will and Ian were apart of beforehand (all local to me). Will is a massive AFI fan, with Davey being a huge influence on him growing up, so it’s no huge surprise really.
The comparisons will always be there.


Haha, I like Creeper, but I think it’s a disservice to both bands to keep comparing them, particularly in the UK where both are fairly popular and well known, at least that was the impression I received last time I was there. I mean, for US audiences unfamiliar with Creeper, it might be helpful, but I feel like even AFI is an obscure reference now for Creeper’s would be demographic. I don’t know. They’re both their own bands, and this constant comparison is getting old.

Also, I feel like AFI has a bit more passion to their sets than Creeper, especially their older performances. But I’m biased. I haven’t seen Creeper play in the UK, only the States.


I find that over here if you say AFI, people instantly think ‘Art Of Drowning through to Decemberunderground’. That era is the AFI that people have in their heads when they are mentioned, not the band they are now. The Creeper fan base is a weird one. There’s the younger crowd to which references like AFI won’t mean a huge amount, but then they also have an older following built up over the years of making music with various bands (a lot of them hardcore punk) and are more friends than fans. This results in some interesting demographics at shows. For instance the home town shows are far different to anywhere else. The crowd is older and of that era where bands like AFI were a huge deal, so the atmosphere is pretty different. Go to a show further away and you get a younger crowd with a less hardcore punk feel to it.


Interesting. Most of my fam/friends live in London or Oxford near the uni, so I only get that perspective. I’ve never been to a Creeper show there, so I wasn’t sure what the demographic is over there. I know here in the States it’s YOUNG.


Both aren’t too far from Southampton, but will still get a different crowd. Its only really in the last 18 months that Creeper have made that jump from ‘local band’ to something bigger. About this time last year they played southampton and on the ‘creeper cult’ facebook page there was a real drama because of the southampton crowd. Many found it intimidating (much more like an AFI show of old) and unlike the rest of the tour. The reality was that much of the crowd was made of of friends, family and ex band mates of Creeper (so an average of about 10 years older than the rest of the tour), and when you’ve been in the local scene for 10 years or so you make a few friends along the way, some people got a little over excited, granted, but for the majority it was about supporting friends and generally enjoying a great show. Also someone close to the southampton music scene took their own life around that time, so there was a bit of added atmosphere surrounding that as well.


Hmmm, interesting. And sorry to hear that about someone close to the scene.

Yeah, we never venture to Southampton. I guess any show with older, more connected, fans can be intimidating to younger fans. I can remember being 13 at shows and thinking everyone knew each other and how out of place I was. Dynamics at shows can be off-putting for young teens.


Putting a label on any band or one person is lame and immature esp If for the sake of making fun of someone is the reason… People need to grow up and stop acting like one is better than another. It is no.wonder.suicide rate will high
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