Creeper Covers AFI


So, at yesterday’s Warped in California, Creeper, self-proclaimed AFI fan boys/girl, covered AFI’s “Sacrifice Theory.”

.@creepercultuk covered "Sacrifice Theory" yesterday on @VansWarpedTour in California. This is believed to be the first AFI cover on Warped.

— AFI News HQ (@AFINewsHQ) August 5, 2017

Check it out over at the AFI News HQ site or at the link above. :slight_smile:

What do you guys think? I’ll reserve my thoughts until later. :wink:


I have a bias, I like Creeper a lot. Sooooo, of course I enjoy the fact that they covered a great AFI song. And the cover itself is pretty well done.


Haha, I like Creeper. I wasn’t sure at first how much I loved his voice with that song, but by the second time I listened to it I ended up appreciating their interpretation.


With AFI covers, I’ve recognized that Davey has a pretty unique voice, and it’s difficult for anyone to ever imitate. His voice isn’t perfect with the song.

That being said, I always give people on warped a bit of a pass when it comes to vocals. It’s hot as all hell, and they have almost no breaks. The raw material is there for this to be a good cover.


Warped is brutal just for the spectators; I can only imagine that havoc it wreaks on the musicians.

And, yeah, Davey’s voice is quite unique, but I also love Will’s voice. At first it was weird to hear the song with Will’s vocals, but it grew on me, and they did a fantastic job.