Custom Guitar picks?

Anybody have guitar picks from previous eras? I caught one of Jade’s at the Seattle show in August. It’s pretty awesome, made it into a necklace.


I would love one of these from any era! If anyone has an extra I’ll trade a vinyl for it,I’d use it for when my band plays so I can get jade powers
NICK 210 did you catch all those?

Nice! I have these. Just looking for one from the STS era.


I’ve seen a couple of STS era ones on eBay, though it would be nice to see if anyone has one that’s authentic for reference.

The Japanese version of Blood comes with a blood album one


Does Hunter really use a guitar pick when playing bass?

Yes he uses picks ive seen live and from his tone and hand movements,plus the intro to sacrifice theory would take your fingers off not to mention he’s jumping off the drum riser and hitting spins.Hunter is awesome!Do you play any instruments Pablo?I thought you did.
EDIT found these on Ebay anyone seen these or caught one at a show?STS era pics of picks.

I’ve seen Hunter play his bass with picks, but those pictured are guitar picks and not bass picks. Does he use a guitar pick instead of a bass pick?

As a matter of fact, I do play instruments! I have both a guitar and a bass, and I’ve had a drum set before. In case anyone plays the videogame Rocksmith, I’ve created more than 100 AFI customs for it.

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Forgot this one

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