Customizing another jacket

With having a lot of focus on STS lately, especially with discovering my signed black/black tour edition, I decided to start customizing a jacket i recently got.

I’m nowhere done, but here’s a preview:


Very cool! Can’t wait to see this too!

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Thanks! I have something coming tomorrow for this project. I don’t intend to install any studs on this jacket… it’s all going to be fabric paint and everything is going to come from STS.

The jacket screamed at me in the store… and now it’s the perfect color for black fabric paint.

Update photo. Ill take final photos in a few hours when the final writing I did dries.

  • Collar down: “I cannot leave here”
  • Collar up: “I cannot stay”
  • Front: “We found salvation”
  • Left arm: “Our mouths filled w/ dust”
  • Right arm: “Screaming like dogs”
  • Back: “Nothing from nowhere. I’m no one at all”

Lyrics taken from “Miseria Cantare” and spoken word in Sing the Sorrow before “This Time Imperfect”

  • Images: bat, star icon, octopus all printed images, then cut with an exacto knife into stencils
  • Image: praying hands, inspired by Davey’s under arm tattoo

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This is amazing! Love how the physical placement fits the lyrics you incorporated. Really creative and you should be very proud! Plus, popping up your collar to declare “I cannot stay” is a pretty sick way to exit just about anywhere :joy:

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