Davey Havok looks

I think we can all agree how handsome Davey Havok is… I was wondering what everyone’s favourite Davey looks/styles are. Mine is the sing the sorrow period. December underground Davey was also precious.

(Sorry if this has been talked about or is uninteresting)

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Funny you mention this as Davey has been my idol ever since I first learned of them and listened to the first song. An idol by looks and many other ways as well.

I grew my hair our in 2002/2003 and dyed it black. It was because of Davey that I did this. My hair was past my shoulders… however, the long hair look wasn’t me.

My current look I like to model and I feel works best for me is the “Burials” Davey kinda pompadour.


When I tell you I am HEAD OVER HEEEEEEEEEEELS for STS/DU era Davey!


Lmao… and I envied the HELL out of Davey’s hair in BSITS/AOD.


Well…obviously Davey rocks…he’s my hero, inspiration and so on :slight_smile: And for me…I think he kills it on the CL era specially on Beatiful Thieves and Medicate videos :wink: