Davey Havok speaks w/ Fuse about Blood Album, band history over 26 years

During FireFly music festival, Fuse gets with Davey Havok, lead singer of AFI and did an interview. The interview is done while Davey works on ‘arts & crafts’ (he makes a heart). During this session, Davey reflects on the Blood Album, how much the band has changed since the beginning, especially since '98 and how much the music industry has changed.

It’s a short but awesome interview with Davey that’s about 2:30 long.


AFI is currently on their ‘Blood Tour’ with many dates in the US currently. Hurry up if you wish to see them (from the US) as their last show is Aug 5th, then they head to Australia. View their tour dates here.

Credit: @AFINewsHQ

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Loved the interview! :smiley: And just realized that…no more how AFI changes or evolves…the only one changing his look is Davey :slight_smile:

AFI is for me one of the few bands that through all their records…maintain their essence…no matter what they sound like…you know it’s AFI :wink:

And yes…I love the “Heart” made by Davey :laughing:

BTW…how this is a post from June '17 and there was no single “Like” or “Reply”…and most important…why it appeared on top of the “un-read” list?

Anyway…it’s good enough to bring it back :wink:

@blag it appeared as recent because I started removing topics from the Blood Album category to ‘AFI Everything’.

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Makes sense then :slight_smile: And glad you moved it because I never seen that video before :slight_smile:

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