Davey takes cellphone from girl taking "SELFIE" during "I Hope You Suffer" at the Pageant on 07.21


The following clip was taken during the Pageant venue show in St. Louis on 07.21:

The clip just below is taken during AFI’s set, specifically during “I Hope You Suffer”. Watch closely… Davey sees a girl about to take a selfie and… he does something amazing. :slight_smile:

Credit: AFINewsHQ


Seriously, if I were to do this, it would legit be on purpose…With the dancing hotdog on snapchat to fuck with Davey. Just to be 100% honest. He’d throw my phone back at me. I’d just die of laughter right there.


I mean, I get it… from her perspective and the other side. I had my phone out a good bit during my last AFI show too.

However, through “I Hope You Suffer”, especially during “I’ve seen my darkest days” … sees girl smiling at herself in front of you - RIPS PHONE… what I mean is it’s not a time for smiles. It’s clearly a very bleak, dark song.


I mean, I get it too. I do. But also, I know Davey hates it when people constantly have their phones out. We seriously contemplated using the last of our battery power to mess with Davey a few times. But that’s just because it’s who we are. We’re constantly joking with the guys when we see them. But I don’t think I’d do it during “I Hope You Suffer.”


I don’t like how everyone is mocking this girl on the Facebook comments (notours, AFI News HQ). It’s not the HQ people, just random commenters, but like this girl went to a concert to see a band that made her happy. Like, worst moment for a selfie EVER, but let it go. It’s funny to watch, let’s just not mock her. I totally get what she’s doing, and it’s a horrible decision, but let the girl have her fun/memory. Don’t ruin it for her. That sort of behavior puts such a bad taste in my mouth and is what usually makes me keep to myself in fandoms.


And that was not me attacking Davey! Davey has every right to take her phone. That’s just me getting mad at people mocking someone online.


I also put this on the video from HQ. But I honestly did not even think about making fun of her. In fact, I’ve been more so hating myself for not doing something similar at the shows I went to just for the reaction (not during that particular song, but still.) The reality of it is this:

We don’t know what was going through Davey’s head at the time. Being a barrier whore as I am, I have been apart of/ seen people do something that Davey reacts to. Now this isn’t for all of them, that I wasn’t apart of, but most the time he will laugh them off. Because of that, I personally have nothing to say about the girl. She’s excited about it, let her be, idc about her, I think it’s hilarious that Davey took the phone. I would laugh my ass off if Davey took my phone. But hello, DAVEY HAVOK TOOK HER PHONE. What DXH fangirl wouldn’t freak?

I just think it’s hilarious. I don’t think it was the appropriate song, but who cares? My best friend tried to stage dive during Silver and Cold in Memphis during the Crash Love tour. TBH it kind of looks like he looked at the phone to see how the picture came out, to make sure he looked good.


I haven’t looked at comments in a bit, so I probs didn’t see yours. I love that your friend tried to stage dive. I’m one of those people who do not give a shit what people do during what song (unless you’re feeling me up while I’m at barricade in NYC because you’re pissed I’m in front of you…sorry; still bitter about that.) But, yeah, Davey was probs checking himself. :wink:

Just some of those comments. I mean, I’m guilty of taking photos and videotaping some bits of songs during shows. I’ll admit it. Do I take selfies? No. Do I think I have a right to tell people not to take selfies? No, I’m not the performer. Does anyone have a right to make fun of someone who is enjoying a show? No. So I guess that’s why I got pissed when I saw some of the comments. It’s seriously why I usually avoid being involved in fandoms usually.

And like I said, I’m not attacking Davey at all. He’s a total sweetheart to fans. :grin:


Davey 100% asked my friend if him and his girlfriend were brother/sister. We both died of laughter right there. Love that adorable man.


Awww, that’s adorable. LOL. He’s precious.


Nah, I’m not hating on her… I really can’t without being a hypocrite. Honestly, if Davey got that close to me I would be recording him, NOT myself or trying to do a selfie. My video of Davey during Totalimmortal is proof of this. And really, the only reason I knew he would enter the crowd was because of the RAM’s Head video… I was hoping it would happen and it did… just not the same way.

Anyway, I also just think it’s natural for people to “hate” on her a little because of course they’re on Davey’s side and the manner in which he kinda rips the phone from her. PLUS, AFIHQ tweeting it with a caption, “No Selfies”… that doesn’t help, honestly. It’s whatever.

I agree with you.

I basically agree with everything except for the last part… “to make sure he looked good”, LOL. It’s a funny thought, but the way he rips the phone… it looks like a pissed rip.


LOL. I wasn’t saying you were hating her. No worries! I was commenting on some of the comments.

And, yeah, Davey looked kind of pissed, but maybe he was in the moment for the song. IDK.

And I didn’t mean to start drama! Again, I just think that fans can stand to be a bit nicer to each other. It might make shows even more enjoyable. :wink:


I think at the end of the day, we’re all a little jealous of that girl. I know I am… :slight_smile:

It would just be nice to see them again soon. Then again with AFI, we want and want… (currently listening to DU :slight_smile: )


Oh, most definitely jealous (though I may have died of embarrassment, but that’s just me).

And, God would I love another tour. Am I banking on it, though? I don’t even know. I’m not going to get my hopes up. If they announce another tour, it will be a nice surprise.

And I was listening to Crash Love today. :slight_smile:


Honestly, I’ve been out of the AFI loop too long to be able to predict any moves like that.

Also, I have a confession to make… there have been DREAMCAR songs that I’ll be thinking about at work and think to myself, “What AFI was that…? Then I’m like… oh shit.”


Hahaha, “Slip on the Moon” sounds the most like a DU era AFI song to me, so I completely get that.


Oh no, I know he wasn’t. But at the same time we don’t fully know if he was pissed or not. I say this just because of how Davey in general is. But who knows. But it’d still be funny if he was.


I was at the St. Louis show. I couldn’t see that this happened from where I was watching – but overall I got the impression that Davey liked the crowd. They added This Celluloid Dream to the set for us! :heart:️:fire::notes: