Davey talks "Love Fast, Los Angeles" & 4th Blaqk Audio coming soon?


In an interview with LoudWire, Davey talks about his upcoming 2nd novel that is set to come out on February 6th, 2018. He describes the writing process and how close the stories match up against his own real-life.

“Love Fast Los Angeles was written and edited all over the world, and in the skies above it, but the majority of it was tapped out in a West Hollywood coffee shop,” Havok says. “The owners and managers were kind enough to let me squat while sapping their wireless."

He continued, "I began writing it immediately after Pop Kids was finished. I was easily inspired to keep that world alive out of love for the writing process, for the pop kids themselves, and by the impact of the very real culture they represent. After taking a pause for Broadway, whilst hiding in a hole below my friend’s garage in the Hollywood Hills, I was encouraged to… continue reading!

Near the end of the article is also mentions that Davey is “planning the release of the fourth Blaqk Audio effort.” So, is Blaqk Audio next? Give us your thoughts below!

AFI - 105 INTERVIEW 12-2017 including release date for new book

Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

He describes LFLA as a love story but to me the blurb makes it sound more like a story in which love is involved, if that makes sense!
Also sounds like the 3rd novel he’s working on is set in the same PK universe :pensive:. I was hoping he’d choose a new topic but it coud all change.

I remember another interview where it was said that BA would be next -I can’t remember which one. So fairly confident there will be BA in 2018/early 2019 :grin:

P.S. I never get how people can write or work in coffee shops - they’re so noisy!


Yeah it has been stated BA would be next,their tours are usually a leg long but I remember jade mentioned it was already written and near completion this was near blood album,so maybe just some mixing and label work I’m guessing single in 90 days album 2 months after single.let’s see!


I heard a couple interviews where they said (Davey or Jade) that the 4th Blaqk Audio album was being mixed. I think we’re probably looking at a 1st quarter 2018 release for it. Maybe 2nd quarter, maybe


Awesome where’d you hear that?That’s exciting if true we can expect a single soon.you know how they like to drop new singles out of nowhere.


It was in an interview that was released just before or during the Australia leg of the blood tour…but I can’t remember which one. I’ll keep looking for it and see if I can find it.


It’s, basically, confirmed.


Oh wow, nice.

(welcome btw :slight_smile: )


Here’s the interview from this morning. He says the Blaqk Audio album will be out in 2018, and I’m guessing early-ish 2018 if he’s trying to finish writing his third book before going on tour.

Davey Havok on SiriusXM Dec. 18th, 2017