Davey talks with TheMusic.AU about AFI longevity, set list length and life-style

Australian music outlet, theMusic.au’s Mark Hebblewhite has recently conducted a short interview with Davey Havok of AFI. The topics include the longevity of the band (26 years), their set list length, the songs they play and the strategy they have behind them, their life-styles and more.

Davey also mentions that before 2003’s Sing the Sorrow success, that they were never able to tour Australia, but ever since that success, they have been. With that being said, Australia is set to own the last leg of the Blood Tour starting September 9th when AFI is set to storm the Big Top in Sydney NSW. Check out part of the interview below:

"We change the setlist up a little bit every night to keep it interesting for us - it’s a matter of whim really. But we’re also careful not to double up too much on songs we played the last time in that city - so people who are seeing us again get something different. We also don’t like to play for too long. Some bands play for like two hours - but that’s too much (laughs) - we keep… continue reading.

Credit: AFINewsHQ

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AFI might not be a straight edge band, but XTRMST sure is!
Not that I mind btw.

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So… who in AFI isn’t straight edge? Not that I really care - just curious.

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Adam and Hunter are not straightedge, I remember that from an old XTRMST interview Davey did as to why they didn’t just do a straightedge record with AFI.

However, neither one of them are really drinkers or drug-users, they’re just not straightedge.


XTRMST is my go-to wake up music, tbh, which does scare the living shit out of my poor Pomeranian.

I really liked this. Not really new info, but it was formatted well.

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Now that touring is done for a few weeks, I imagine things might be slow. We shall see!

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