Davey tweets (see inside) Want Davey to read @lovefastla to you?


Check out @DaveyHavok’s Tweet:


Got it! :smiley: Somehow I got 5 credits on Audible…so Davey will read me the book…awesome! :smiley: And actually…it’s going to be the first time I listen to an Audiobook…these days I only read on my Kindle but Love Fast Los Angeles is not on Kindle yet :frowning: Anyway…nothing like Davey reading his own book! :smiley:


Yeah i downloaded it hes been reading to me all day and about 30 mins ago I scream and fangirled​:joy::joy::joy:


I remember when Adam liked one of my photos… hot damn it made my night.


I also got a like from Davey on instagram. I totally fangirled!


I fangirled cause it was my first social media interaction with him Id never do that or act like that in front of him lol.


Totally! You are allowed to have a small fangirlish moment by yourself. I don’t think i’m capable of fangirling in real life. I just freeze (which I know from the time I met Joss Whedon)


Yep, just bought it. :slight_smile:


That’s so awesome dude! I would do the same! How many shows are you going to for this tour?I’m doing 3 including Santa barbara.Also I’d still love to buy your incomplete DU 7 set as mine was stolen😕


He answered my question about the book Alice in Wonderland back in the days of “Ask AFI.” It’s my favorite book and he said it was one of his, too. He couldn’t decide on a favorite character. :heart:


That is awesome!

“Ask AFI”… could we bring that back? Add that to my goals.


Got the audiobook :grin:. Glad he decided to do this, I always like listening to Davey talk and it’s nice to know I’m hearing it the way he imagined it when creating it. I have had to put it on 0.75 speed to be able to process what he says though! :relaxed:.