Davey's KROQ interview from February 6th



Here’s a link to a youtube video of the interview Davey did on February 6th. He mentions that the Blaqk Audio album will be out in spring. He also talks about LFLA and a bit about AFI :slight_smile: ENJOY!


Awesome thank you,with the album already mastered I bet we get a song in the next month if it’s a spring release,so excited to hear new Blaqk Audio,also can’t wait to discuss the book with you all,hope he does a san francisco signing.


I’m really excited to hear it! Especially since Davey mentions that it sounds very different than previous Blaqk Audio albums!


Awesome! Thanks for sharing @sayasha :smiley: Davey is really something…I still don’t know how he manages to do so much stuff and don’t fail at any…he should be given an award that’s for sure…I don’t think there’s anyone outside who can produce half of what he produces…simply mind blowing…


Can’t wait to hear this album! And hopefully shortly after they release tour dates haha


My fingers are crossed that they release tour dates soon! It would be cool if Davey could combine a Blaqk Audio Tour with a bit of a book tour!

Also I am hoping I can hit two or three Blaqk Audio tour dates…fingers crossed!


Haha also hoping for 2-3 shows! Depending how much of the east coast they cover and when


Yeah, mine isn’t dependant on how far north they go up the west coast!