Decemberunderground Cryptic Messages

Hey guys,

I’ve seen Despair Faction a lot over the last 8 or so years but this is the first time I’ve made an account.

At some point within those 8 years, I stumbled upon an amazing forum post about the PR, story and cryptic messages on Decemberunderground and around its release. It involved Myspace pages on characters featured in the musical interlude of Affliction, the number 337 and how it’s featured in things like the 37 claps in Love Like Winter as well as the main part of Affliction finishing at 3:37, the dead tree in the artwork being the same as the dead tree featured in the Myspace pages, etc etc. However, I can’t seem to find it anymore. Has anyone got any links to the full write up?


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Man, I wish. This was seriously one of my favorite things about being an AFI fan when I was younger. I’m curious too if anyone has the info. If I remember correctly, there were passes being given out to like a secret show or something… it’s been so long! Lol

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