Despair Faction "Blood Album" Package Video Review

12/13/17! It was the day that many received their latest Despair Faction package during the latest entry time. The Despair Faction opened in late October 2017 and closed on November 5th. Those who were lucky enough to be able to purchase the package should be receiving theirs very soon if not already.

To my knowledge, this package was very different from previous packages. Granted, I missed the Burials package, which I regret deeply but I believe I have all the ones prior. In this video review, I open the Despair Faction package fresh in front of you (just getting home from work) and I give some thoughts on the package, along with a little history.

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This is my first Despair Faction package and I love it!


Can I just ask what I am supposed to do with a flag? What is this trend with flags lately? Why? Sorry, I just get a bit pissy with superfluous items. The design was pretty standard and boring. It is what it is. I’m still curious about why they released the packages so late in the album cycle (ie. It being over).

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Wow, that is awesome. I’m very excited for you. :slight_smile:

This comment was kinda how I felt making the video review. I forgot to mention the album cycle thing, but you and I have basically the identical thoughts / feelings towards the package. I mean, I auto-love it because it’s AFI / DF, but I’m not as impressed with as I was the Raven package for example (any of the earlier packages).

I don’t understand the wall flags… perhaps just a new popular thing. I’d love it if it had the design of the shirt.

Okay, I’m just going to say it… I should be in charge of the Despair Faction or at least help with it, lol. At least a community specialist for the DF. That a thing? :wink: no.

Also even if the box had the simple Blood Drops logo on it… @dnlkdwll did the Burials package come in a unique DF box or was it plain?

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I think the flag is really just meant to be a tapestry; they’re super trendy amongst millennials right now. Most of my friends hang random tapestries on their walls just because empty walls are “depressing and boring”. That’s probably why the design is so simple too. However, I do think that they could’ve used one of the billion designs from the tour shirts for a tapestry because some of them would’ve been so sick on a large scale. But oh well. It is what it is.

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Yes it did.

RE Flags: AFI has been doing these since DU era. They’re cheap to make so its an obvious merch idea.

Excuse me, madame, as a millennial I take issue with flags being out thing.:wink: seriously, I hate that aesthetic. So tacky and uninspired.

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Eh, not just AFI. MCR did it last year. A few other bands have been jumping on the bandwagon recently. But, you’re right, they’re cheap to make, but so useless.

Oh well. At least the hat is decent.

@STORMS the Raven package was great. And you should totally have a hand in the DF.

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There was no DF package during the DU era though, so it’s a little different.

Shit, I’d even love a DF mug. Not that I couldn’t have one made but having an official one would be ideal.

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Our own S’Well water bottle would be ace. It could even be ombre black to red.

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also @dnlkdwll do you have a photo of the Burials DF package box?

EDIT: See, the Burials package came from GroundCNTRL, which is now Wonderful Union… but they do offer musician fan club services…

However, our DF merch comes from:

And the emails come via FanBridge:

It would still be nice if there was more of a connect online with AFI. They’re more active on Instagram than anything it seems.

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As cool as that would be, I think they need that personal space. They have such a defined “stage” presence that seems to be incredibly different from their real personas, that I think that the remove is necessary. I think it’s cool that we, the fans, can talk to each other and that they even come out and speak to us after shows, but constant contact and immersion in the “AFI” world might be too much for them. I don’t know. I’m cool with how things are. It also lends a bit of mystery to them, keeping them as “idols” we can aspire to emulate rather than every day human beings. That level of mystery gives their work a universal quality that might not be there if we have more personal contact with them; we would know a bit more, taking away some of the universality of the lyrics because we might have better insight into where they come from.


First package I haven’t bought since I joined the DF 12 years ago. Got the card, the tshirt isn’t as good as the shirt you could buy with burials, and the flag and the hat are a bit meh. For the price it’s a really weak effort in my opinion. You got a lot more bang for your buck with the earlier packages

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Blood album not burials. My bad. I like the pink variation of the blood drops with despair faction on the sleeve

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Not a Millennial…but a Generation X :slight_smile: Still love the flag and will put it in my office…

This is my first DF bundle…so I’m obviously excited…anything that comes with the blood drops or AFI’s name…is a little treasure for me :wink:

Now I guess I need to wait for AFI’s next album to get a new bundle, right?



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Yo @Blag welcome Twitter-sir!

I’m curious, when did you first fall hard for AFI?

As for the bundles… it’s hard to say. From what I can gather (been a DF member since the beginning in '02) they stopped doing bundles after the Owl package. I’m guessing that package came out in 2004 or 2005. 2006 is when DU dropped and I do not recall any packages from that time. If there was one, it’s very damn elusive.

Then the Burials package came out in 2013 or 2014? I’m not sure… @dnlkdwll may know better. So then three years later we have the Blood Package.

If you watched my review video, the whole thing I’m trying to get past is the changes over the years. Accompanied by the very weird DF package drop (right after their tour?). Perhaps I need to let all of the questions go and just appreciate the most recent package and appreciate that the DF is still getting them.

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Thanks @STORMS it’s nice to be here :slight_smile: Well…I’ve been listening to Punk Rock since the last 26 years but really fell for AFI around 3 years ago…and actually…here’s my story thanks to AFI Headquarter News :wink:

I agree…just appreciate the fact that the DF is back and that we can enjoy a new package :slight_smile:

BTW…just saw your video…and damn…the flag is huge :open_mouth: I must admit I haven’t taken it from it’s plastic wrapping so it doesn’t get dirty…but I thought it was a tiny bit smaller…not sure I can put that on my office anymore :frowning: We’ll see…




@Blag I’m working on a DF package breakdown video that tells some history of the DF. I mainly just show the DF shirts from previous packages as some of the items i.e. the stickers and the poster from the 1st package I seem to have misplaced over the years.

That’s awesome @STORMS :smiley: I had missed so much of the DF that watching some history would be totally cool! Will wait eagerly for that :slight_smile: