DF Giveaway! The Missing Man

Did y’all see the DF giveaway? Giving away autographed vinyl! Check your emails!

Has anyone here won any giveaways? Would love to hear stories! I was shocked to win the tickets to see Davey in Green Day’s American Idiot musical in 2011. But now I feel like that means I won’t win any others.


In 2009 there was this Crash Love contest on veronicasawyer.co.uk. You had to send emails from within that site to your friends (you could only send one link per email). I emailed it myself and noticed that the link was something like www.veronicasawyer.co.uk/something/somethingemail=1. So by generating the email to some random account all you had to do is change the number. It was an exploit to be honest. So I told my at the time team-mates of AFI News HQ about this exploit and we all won autographed copies of the UK CL.

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Whoa! I don’t remember that contest. That’s awesome everyone got one! I only remember the begin transmission contest from that era. I recently rewatched my entry and it’s so embarrassing :woman_facepalming:

April Fool’s joke that actually wasn’t. <\3

Entered! Thanks for the heads up @astheycry !