DF, I need your feedback on this


This is a design I’ve been having my graphic designer work on. It is to celebrate 17 years of the Despair Faction. Let me know what you think.


I like it! Not 100% sure about the font for those Roman numerals, but I like the rest of it!


I really don’t like the font/colors of the Roman numerals and I feel like the head+numbers+arms should be a bit more spaced out? I really like the design of the head, though! Especially the eyes.


Agree…don’t like the roman numerals but the rest looks really nice :slight_smile:


Make the arms connect to the shoulder please.


I think the Roman Numerals should be darker and in a style inspired by Tim Burton.


Definitely agree with the numbers being darker… Other that I think it looks great!!


i agree with @sayasha on the font, and it being daker, but otherwise, it’s really dope! <3


I submitted to have a few changes made, including lowering the wings, which I agree with.