DF Jacket and sign up

Is it too late to get the jacket and sign up for DF? Did anyone order more than one and willing to sell? Also I read somewhere sign up is usually twice a year so will there be another jacket release then? Thank you in advance! Also who else is loving the new Bodies songs?!?! I can’t stop listening to Tied to a tree!!

yes the df sign ups are closed and jacket it sold out if they do another df sign up later it usually is a different merch bundle or just a cheap bundle with just the card im bummed i missed out on the bath collection :frowning: I was paying debts off and missed it and cant buy any of it although adam told me they have lots of towels and some items left over that didnt get bought but arent on the site any longer so I wonder if they will get added to the normal store or able to be repurchased later .