DF member writes about their 'Meet & Greet' experience with AFI in London


Back on May 5th (2017), AFI had joined the Deftones as special guests on their tour. This was part of a few tour dates announced by AFI back in November. AFI Italia blog had reached out to a fan who had won this Meet & Greet experience through a Despair Faction contest. Her name is Barbara and below you can read about her experience and the tattoo that it left.

You can read about her experience in full, plus check out the photos from the Meet & Greet below.

The article below has been translated via Google Translate:

On May 5, 2017 our friend Barbara (Modena) traveled to London to see AFI and also had the chance to meet with a meet and greet! So we decided to ask her to tell us about his experience, which now share with you readers!

"It is not easy to write about something that happened after 10 years of waiting … Then it was on May 5, 2007, this time was on May 5, 2017, and emotion to review Davey, Jade, Adam and Hunter Live , he added that it takes your breath away to have won a contest organized by the DF to meet boys in a meet & greet before the concert. the passes losers have allowed us to be included in the guest list, in addition to London, thus avoiding row mileage under the London chill wind. at 16.30 as shown in the email Alyssa a production guy came to take us and the other two winning pairs of passes (which really should have been three but did not show up so we entered only six), and ushered us into the concert venue, Alexandra Palace. he took us in a side room of the immense halls of the building where there was a closed bar and sofas, and asked us to wait for them . Some of old girls present were seated, I could not stand to sit still, were shaking hands, legs … everything !! After less than two minutes by a curtain down the hall appears Adam, with a big smile and looking a bit 'embarrassed about the situation … but immediately… continue reading.

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[spoiler]broken the ice coming to show up and shake hands one by one. And soon after, the same tent out Davey and Jade, with the same smile of Adam and the same expression like “ok, and now what?”, They too have come now to shake hands with all of us and to present … as if it were needed :slight_smile: Hunter which unfortunately has not reached us, the explanation it gave us Jade was simply “he disappeared,” and then the meeting took place without him. To further break the ice Jade proposed starting probably doing some autographs and then the photos. I started myself with my “special” request, or their autographs on my arm to complete the tattoo so devoted to them that I started 10 years ago. They were cute, they each chose the place to sign and they did it with the utmost care. Adam first, then and finally Jade Davey, who put special care and we spent several seconds holding my arm and writing plan and accurately … I will never forget those moments, and I’m very happy that my partner was able to take a picture in the meantime, sometimes when about hard to believe !! After it was time photos, they lent themselves to make a million, at the end we did a little 'chatter, and I was able to tell him exactly 10 years earlier in Milan And I WAS THERE, and they were blown ( and Adam said that instead of 9 years to the day before were in another place I swear I did not understand but even here the rest were rather amazed). Before leaving Jade noticed that I had with me a notebook and asked me if I wanted autographs there too, and of course I said yes !! I must say that all three were really nice, kind and helpful, but a special mention should certainly Adam, which has proved a very sweet person, easygoing and always ready to joke and a smile. There has literally conquered. This surreal encounter lasted about 10-15 minutes, after which the boy first has taken back out there and since there was no need to queue because of our special pass, we took refuge in the warmth of the pub waiting for Alexandra Palace the opening of the gates of 18:30. "

the concert “At 18:30 we were along with a dozen other people in front of the entrance vipssss, but with great disappointment started to bring before the people in the row” normal. "So that’s how it is nuanced position on the front row so I instead I wanted to. I found myself in fourth, not quite perfect but acceptable visibility. at 20.00 precise started the show of AFI the general chorus (or at least of us the first few rows) “Through our bleeding we are one!”, and the ’ opening with Girl’s not Gray was literally overwhelming. Davey has (obviously) kept the look of Blood tour for this and all three British dates, unfortunately the acoustics was not the top but during the show has improved, luckily . Ladder, personally, I loved it because it is very rich in pieces taken from Sing the Sorrow: besides GnG there were Silver and Cold, Paper Airplanes, This Celluloid Dream and the Leaving Song part II. the most exciting moments (always to sole opinion of the undersigned) were at Aurelia and The Days of the Phoenix. The setlist was identical for all British except show in Manchester where 17 Crimes was replaced by So Behind You and I must say that a little '(so) I envied them, those of Manchester. After 45 minutes literally flew, the boys greeted the audience and left the stage after a while he welcomed the Deftones, and leaving us (= me) sweaty, voiceless, physically devastated by the day, but with a heart full of memories and unforgettable emotions . "[/spoiler]

To view the addition photos from this meet & greet, go here.

Credit: @AFIitalia

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