DF Members: Exclusive STS Repress on Silver Vinyl



Lol thats an ugly color way though


I find it a little weird they’re doing this now. Why not last year for the 15th anniversary, or in 2023 for the 20th? Either way, I’m very happy with the original. :wink:


Not going to lie,itl look dope on my wall but grey swirl c’mon that’s like standard issue for variants.Super odd timing too,I gotta just finally buy the red vinyl.


Hahaha, that’s a very good one Derek. My post from last year was ruined way too early by a moderator.


Did this really end up being an April fool’s joke?Haven’t heard anything yet about release
Edit :joy: you had me for three weeks!


It was my April fools joke.


A cruel joke, I may add. You’re a terrible person. Lol