DF Membership & Package GIVEAWAY!

To celebrate the community coming together to support these forums, I’ve decided to pay it forward and run a giveaway for a Despair Faction Membership & Package!

How to enter:

  1. Reply to this thread with #17yearsDespairFaction” , post your shirt size & tell us a little about yourself!

How it’ll end:

  1. The DF enrollment period ends next Monday, August 19th, 2019. A winner will be selected at random on Sunday evening. Contest will end at 5PM EST on Sunday*


My name’s Joseph and I’ve been a fan of afi since 1999/2000. I play drums and guitar (alot of afi stuff obviously) and also have a huge afi collection. I’ve seen them multiple times since November of 2000 through out all those years til recently I saw them play in September 2018. Thank you Storms for this!

Shirt size: large



I discovered AFI with The Art of Drowning when I was 14 and immediately fell in love. The music, the lyrics, everything. Now even 15 years later I never tire of hearing all the songs and they still speak to me. AFI is the sound of my soul :heart:
Size small


Hi! I’m Amy and a fan for 16 years now. STS was my gateway into this band & community, but I quickly went down the proverbial rabbit hole and was hooked. Seeing them live the first time was life changing…and I’ve seen them so many times at this point, I couldn’t even tell you how many, ha! So grateful for this band and all the music they’ve created for us! (My shirt size is men’s/unisex small or women’s medium. Thanks!)


@AstoryATthree @3tears @AmyB1275

Please edit your posts for your shirt size, in the event you would be the randomly selected winner! Thanks


My Name’s Ben I have been a AFI fan since 2000 I own and Run a small indie label Called Crypt Of Blood Records. Without The Misfits or AFI my label wouldn’t never been created in the 1st place.
My 1st AFI album I bought was The All Hallows Eve EP on CD.
My Shirt size is Men’s XL



Size Medium

AFI was one of the first bands I listened to when my parents and I moved to Mexico. I was a preteen that knew no one, yet AFI gave me comfort in a place a had never been before. After moving back to the states as an adult, they came to my hometown on my birthday!!! I felt like it was meant to be, So much love to them always <3

P.s. I have an AFI tattoo that I love very much :blush:

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A winner has been selected and contacted. Thanks everyone for entering!