DF stories from the old boards


To make these forums feel even more like home, I wanted to start a thread dedicated to stories of the past.

I’ll start.

My name on the old boards was “DarquerThanEver”. I wanted to change my name but that was a forever process… Gavin didn’t have a process for that or the time.

I remember how awesome it was when in the “Ask AFI” section of the forums, an AFI member would answer a question. Even if the answer was short and simple… it was so nice to know that were taking the time to connect with us on the forums.

Your turn.


Loved the Ask AFI section. Cool way to connect. And the answers were often humorous.

A couple years ago a friend introduced me to her friend that moved here and we discovered we were fellow DFers and she was one of the mods! Her name is Meryl, not sure what her username was. Such a small world.