DF UPDATE: AFI's store is updated with New Items!


UPDATE: So AFINewsHQ posted about this New Merch today. This merch has been available for about one week already, but they also gave some great DF information. All DF members should have received an email entitled, “Exclusive Merch Store Discount Code”. NOTE: You may have to look in your “All Mail” or your “Spam” folder, but it should be there. Here is mine:

But, HURRY! The discount is only available through this Sunday!

Thanks to this code and thanks to AFI for the additional 5% off from the previous July 4th discount (who everyone was able to use) that was 20% off. DF members are getting 25%. I just got $25 off my order! :smiley:

Not long ago, the link AFIMerch.com was active and sent you to their store. Now, when going to AFireInside.net, the “STORE” link is working again, AND now there’s new merch!

Click the link below!

The Burials Vinyl is also back in stock! (I need to spend about $121 to be happy… :sweat: lol)

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Ahhhhh! New merch. Not good. Maybe I should just start sending them my paychecks considering how much money I spend on this band.


I was thinking very similar to this, so I didn’t get anything yet. I really want the Blood hoodie, the Burials LP and two shirts… but I need to think it over a bit… lol.


I kind of need that Blood pullover…and the Blood marble tee…and maybe the baseball tee.

Shoot me. Like I didn’t just get a ton from the Fourth sale.


Yeah… I might have to just buy the stuff I want… but then I’m done. My luck, the next day the Dork will appear on eBay. LOL.


Don’t. Speak. To. Me.

I am so depressed about having to get rid of my Red Rocks tickets (I’m in legit mourning; I have the All Hallows EP on, my black clove candles are lit, and my dog is hiding from me) that I decided to buy the baseball tee, the rose hoodie pull over, and the new buttons pack (no more t-shirts; I have too many t-shirts.)

Freakin’ AFI. They’re killing me.

Now back to my mourning rituals and my research on King James and the Malleus Maleficarum so I have something to present to bossman tomorrow AM.


Post updated!

@_tonibell I finally got all of that I wanted including the Burials LP. :slight_smile:


I was debating buying the Burials flag and now it’s gone. :frowning:


Yay! :slight_smile: I got my stuff the other day. The baseball tee is SO comfy, and the new hoodie is made out of the same material the Dreamcar pullover is made out of. I’m in love. I can’t be tempted with anything else. I do NOT need another tee and tank…or do I?


it looks like everything from other albums, other than media, is gone.


Yep, just a simple flush that’s done every so often. Oh well.


Good call… I didn’t even notice that. Well, I’m glad I got the grab bag, I Hope You Suffer and Beautiful Thieves shirt when I did then.


@Karasuryn I had my eye on the Burials album cover wall flag too… oh well…


I made my 1st purchase from the new store with the coupon. Took forever to get to me.


I’m done with merch for a while, hopefully a long while.


Dunno if a Crash Love one interests you, but… this one is $15



@STORMS I have this CRASH LOVE one hanging up across from my Burials “girl standing over AFI” wall flag. :heart:


I’m so sad I missed out on all the Burials merch… :frowning: