DFC Podcast, if there's interest

Everyone, I’m just letting you know that we could set up a podcast if there’s interest. I have the means to do it and basically the only thing any of you who would wanna join in would need is Discord… it’s easy.

If there’s interest to get one going, let me know.


What sort of topics would we be discussing? I mean AFI of course but would it be like personal stories, opinions, or objective facts, history, etc? Either way I think it might be a cool idea. I don’t have Discord and I’m not even entirely sure what it is lol but it sounds like fun.

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We would gather some topics. Discord is pretty easy. All you would have to do is sign up and I could take it from there. I would send you a friend request… etc, it’s simple.

Okay, I’ll have to see if I can get it. My computer is really old so I don’t know if that would be an issue but if I can find the time to do this, I’m game. I’m always dying to talk about this band. I could yap about them for hours hahaha.

You can also get Discord on your phone, which would also work. You do not need any kind of expensive microphone or anything.

Okay cool I actually was just able to download it and I’m at the point where it’s asking me to create or join a server.

A podcast would be cool. A community discord would be cool as well. V:

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I love listening the the “my fire inside” and “a fire inside out” podcasts, how would this one be different? Totally down for being a part of this!

You know you don’t even need to ask me :slight_smile: Just sent me the invite and tell me what to do :wink:

For one, i would love to dedicate the first episode on the hidtory of the DF.

Just to note, this wouldn’t be to compete with any other podcast. It would just be for fun.


Yes, please! :smiley:

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That’s a great idea.
Were you thinking themed episodes (e.g. a different topic per podcast)?
Perhaps aligning a podcast episode with a topic brought out in the forums (like memorabilia/collections, favorite albums/songs, cool stories about meeting the band, etc.).

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Great ideas.

I would like to dedicate the first episode to the DF. The DF history thread I made is very involved. It’s perhaps the most informative set of info there is concerning the birth and evolution of the DF.

Discussing collections and the lure behind it is also a GREAT idea.

This is a great idea. I’d love to participate but I’m not sure I have anything worth contributing :thinking:

Yeah I’d have nothing to contribute to the DF history :disappointed:

I’d be down to be part of this!

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Im sure you do… any AFI fan would.

I mean I wasn’t on the old boards, wasn’t a DF member until recently

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For sure pm me let s do it.

Sounds good :+1:. Shame there’s no access to any of the info and posts from the old boards to get stuff from

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