Discuss your favourite BA tracks

So…I think many of AFI’s songs become people’s favourites because of the implied meaning of the song or the meaning that person ascribes to that song (although obviously some are favourites because of the musicality). Therefore, with BA, whose songs tend to be more frivolous in meaning, what are your favourites and why?

I think my favourite track is Snuff on Digital, for no other reason than I find it infectiously upbeat.

Material is another of my favourites and that one I do find more meaningful, although not particularly in relation to my life!

Your thoughts?..

I love the popness of Ceremonial. I’m really surprised they didn’t use it as a single, or played live at all. It’s super catchy.

Graphic Violence is one of my favorites, I feel it’s underrated

To Be Alone, Graphic Violence, Material, Everybody’s Friends, With Your Arms Around You, Bliss, Ill-Lit Ships, The Fear of Being Found, On a Friday, The Love Letter, and Wake Up, Open the Door, and Escape to the Sea. :slight_smile:

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Stiff Kittens is one of my faves because it was the first BA track I heard… well, it was the very first track on CexCells.

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Stiff Kittens, Waiting to Be Told, and Bliss come to mind. Also got a soft spot for Afterdark.

@Pablo Ceremonial is always the one I tended to skip on Material but when I listened to it again, I did like it. I shall skip it no more!
@Catchingahotone Graphic Violence is another of my faves :grinning:
@_tonibell You really couldn’t narrow it down? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Stiff Kittens (and the CexCells album in general) was an amazing benchmark to set. Bliss was the only song on BBH I felt lived up to it :no_mouth:

‘Wake Up, Open the Door and Escape to the Sea’ is my favourite! :+1:t3:

I was waiting for someone to say that one was their favourite :heart_eyes_cat: - it’s probably the deepest BA track, in my opinion. Always wondered if it was one that could have made an AFI track instead.

Do not ask me to narrow it down. I never could. LOL