Do people still do these?


Welcome Amber! DF 100? That’s awesome! I came pretty late to the DF but couldn’t be happier about joining in :wink:

Hope you like the forums :slight_smile: We’re like a pretty big family here :smiley:


Amber, probably a longshot here, but are you by any chance the Amber who taped AFI’s Phoenix Theatre show with the Nerve Agents in March 2000? I traded a VHS copy of a couple other shows for that show with someone from the board back then and I’m fairly sure her name was Amber.


Welcome. I recognise the name from the old DF boards. This is Copied from another recent thread (because I’m lazy)

“I’m hammonds from good ol UK. Same user name as I had on the old DF boards. Been a fan since 2000. Joined the DF in 2006 after being pissed off at not being able to get tickets for the electric ballroom show in London (I absolutely refuse to be part of the tout system and feed their industry, doesn’t matter who the band is). Figured joining the DF would avoid that happening again. Then afi’s popularity over here fell away so there was no issues at all getting tickets for the crash love tour (I made up for the missed show and did 4 of the 6 including Birmingham, where we got the super rare live performance of but home is nowhere). It’s only in the last year or 2 where being part of the DF has actually been of benefit where there are semi regular emails and competitions.

Black sails through to Sing the sorrow is just a god like era for me and pretty much untouchable (although I still rate the later stuff)

I’m one of those that has a slightly obsessive AFI collection, particularly cd’s. Think I’m close to if not over 100 different cd’s now (albums, ep’s, singles, promos etc). There are a few of us on here and mine is far from the biggest. 4Ibanez and Slinch are my inspiration and if it wasn’t for these guys my collection would not be where it is now.”


Amber, what do you mean by the DF 100? Just making sure I’m not missing anything.

Welcome to the forums!


@Hammonds I remember you well from the OMB, great to see you here as well.

Ahhh yeah, I remember that show. I believe I have a video of that …But Home Is Nowhere performance, it was absolutely epic!

Good on ya for obsessively collecting :smile: I never really did that, always spent all my money on traveling to see them live instead, so I only have the essentials.


That’s really smart. Saving to see them… it was very hard to avoid buying stuff back in the day. I’m better nowadays… I think.


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The first 100 that joined received a signed AOD promo. I was one of them :grinning:


I’m not the same Amber that recorded that show but I am the Amber that went by her name on the original board. Back before it officially changed and it was a vbulletin board or something I was BSHooligan but after it changed to more official forums in like 2000-2001 I’ve gone by Amber.


Which AOD promo? The advance CD? I remember their servers crashed when they first officially opened. Congrats on that!

Please send me photos of promo you have. I’ll add it to the DF archive and credit you.


Trying to get the time off work was (and still is) my main issue when the tours come up. Still, have managed to see them on every major tour in the UK since 2003 so that’s something at least. My only real show regrets are missing out on the London Astoria in 2003 and the Electric Ballroom in 2006. I have since seen footage of the full Astoria show and have it on dvd somewhere.


I’m not sure my tickets on the Flash app are hard to understand


England! Or currently England, anyway :smiley: (Sorry about the extremely late respose, I’ve been away for a while)