Do people still do these?


I see quite a few people but not a lot of intros, I’ll do one anyway :smile:

Hi all.
My name is Zoé and I’m from little Denmark.
I’m 25 (I wish) ahem… 35 and I live with my dog Luna.
I’ve been into AFI just shy of 15 years and my love for them started, when I saw a thread about them on a Placebo forum. People were totally going nuts about them so I asked for song recommendations and the rest, as they say, is history. I fell hard and fast! Had my first AFI tattoo within a month, people thought I was crazy but I knew this was for life. They mean absolutely everything to me!

I’ve seen them live 43 times (and Dreamcar 8 times… I think). All over Europe and as of last year, all around the US as well.
I’m coming back to the US this September to see them at Red Rocks, in SLC, Idaho and Montana. Anyone going to those?

Anyway, happy to be here and can’t wait to get to know you all :blush:



Welcome @ZoeAimee!

43 times??? @Cher_I_Despair here is someone on your level. :slight_smile:

Next weekend will total 8 times that I’ve seen AFI.

I’m super happy to have you here Zoe and yes, we do introz. :wink:


Thank you :heart_eyes:
Haha @Cher_I_Despair and I have met at quite a few shows by now, though mainly Dreamcar I think.

Ahh you’re lucky to be seeing them so soon. September seems so far away!


I’m not surprised that you’ve met Jacob. He was at a Dreamcar show that I was at as well.

Also, I love to share this thread with DFers, have a look. :smiley:
Despair Faction Packages Archive (WIP)


Ohh which one were you at @STORMS ? It may have been one I was at as well.

Oh wow… that thread made me a little emotional! Such memories. I love current times, but man I miss the good old days as well :heart_eyes: :sob:


I was at the Dreamcar show at the 9:30 Club. My wife and I saw them for the first time (obviously :slight_smile: ).

@Cher_I_Despair was in front of us to the right.

EDIT: yeah, the DF is very close to my heart so I was happy to put in the work and recreate what happened in the past. <3


Ahhh damn… not one of mine! That’s so cool though.
I did the first Phoenix show, Boston, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, Santa Ana and LA x2.

edit: The DF means the world to me as well. It really is and always have been a little family.


Welcome! Glad to have you here! And I feel you about September seeming so far away! I’m going to the Vancouver and Seattle shows. It will be my 5th and 6th time seeing AFI


Welcome Zoe. I remember watching the live videos for the Crash Love era you posted years ago.


Thank you so much.
Ahh that’s brilliant, but yeah also so far away! At least we have something to look forward to :smile:


Thanks so much :blush:
Aww yeahhhh!! That’s cool! I still love those videos haha


Feel free to post them again.

I’m sorry this forum isn’t official, maybe some day!


Heh I’ve posted them ad nauseam, I wouldn’t want to annoy people.

Here’s one The Interview and you can obviously find the rest on my channel. :heart:

Doesn’t matter that it’s not official @STORMS all that matters is that we have a place to come together.


Welcome @ZoeAimee I haven’t seen AFI live yet :frowning: I’m a kind of brand new fan…so that’s explains why in a way…but anyway…thanks for your videos! :open_mouth: I’m planning to watch/listen most of them today at work :wink:


Thank you @Blag
Ahh that’s so awesome though. Sometimes I wish I could discover them all over again, hear all these amazing songs for the first time, see them live for the first. Would be incredible :heart:


Yay, another fellow European… welcome! And… 43 times?! Wow. :star_struck:


@lipstickandlightplay Yaaas!!! Where are you from?


I will be at Red Rocks.
Trying to get my traveling crew to go to the Montana show as well. We will be in Yellowstone on that Wednesday, and it’s only an hour and 22 min drive.
I’m still trying to convince them

Other than that, for the tour for me is, Nashville, Irvine, Santa Barbara and the previously mentioned, Red Rocks.

So excited!


Wooo Red Rocks!!! So stoked.
Where in the crowd will you be?


Hello. I’m Amber. I’m 35 and one of the original DF 100 from 2002. I’ve seen them more times than I can keep count of and its still not enough. I’ve been an AFI fan since 1997. I’m currently in Arizona completing my residency in obstetrics and gynecology.

Other than that…hi!