Do you have ONE favorite song?


If you had to name ONE song as your favorite, which one would you pick?

Mine is “On The Arrow”. :bow_and_arrow: I’ve heard it live twice.


I’m self-titled in that department.

There are so many songs I love and come back to and fixate on for awhile. Lost Souls, Midnight Sun, A Single Second, Anxious, Ether, Sacrilege, The Last Kiss, Totalimmortal, A Winter’s Tale, Lower It. In no particular order.

But when I think about how I really feel about Afi, and how their music makes me feel about myself, Sacrifice Theory every time.


Ummm, I have a song that really spoke to me and changed my perspective during a rather bad time: “This Time Imperfect.”

I feel like that’s different from a fave song, but it is one that I go back to almost every day.


The Great Disappointment. The song builds so slowly, yet so well and tells a story of waiting and waisting while waiting (what for? I assume it is up to the listener) so much emotion and the breakdown is one of my favorites. I was extremely over the top when I heard them play it for the first or second time in Austin,Texas.


100 Words is very special to me, though I have a hard time explaining why. When I have more time I’ll probably edit this post with any explanation. I would love to see it performed live one day, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. If I remember correctly there was an interview or two where someone said that it’s not a song Davey is interested in playing live. Oh well, I can dream, can’t I?


I came ready to fight… it’s Miss Murder.

But for real. My number 1 traditionally has to be Bleed Black. I go back and forth a lot, Medicate is up there for me too.

… I do actually like Miss Murder. So we can still fight if anyone wants :facepunch:


Midnight Sun.

From remembering how surprised I was when the song came on, to the lyrics, the creepiness of the poem, how heavy it is… I love everything about it.


I love On the Arrow, I held back tears when they played it live on this tour, it was my 2nd time hearing it live. And same for 37mm, one of my favorites and held back tears when it was played. But my absolute favorite is Wester.


@Aly, yes when I heard “On The Arrow” for the second time at the St. Louis concert it was so beautiful that I cried and I kept crying the rest of the concert!
And yes, I love “Wester” too! :heartpulse:


Of all time it’s Radiohead’s Reckoner but for AFI I love the interview and girls not grey. However the super heavy percussion, dark atmosphere, empty, given up lyrical content and overall drowsy sound of burials makes it my favorite AFI album so for my favorite song I’d say it’s a tie between I hope you suffer and the face beaneath the waves…


LOL the difficulty of the question…

I agree that Burials hits on many aspects. I’ve been returning to Crash Love a lot lately. I LOVE the Torch Song - It’s the intro… Jade’s guitar and just the whole intro musically is phenomenal.

I also REALLY LOVE “The Wind That Carries Me Away” on Blood… a few albums here that I’m mixing, but they are my faves as of late.


Torch Song is such an underrated track. Actually, Crash Love is such an underrated album. That album is stunning.


As I’ve been listening to Crash Love in my car, right when the drums and guitar kick in, I always do a mighty fist pump right when it hits… I love it. Torch Song + Increased Volume = Pure Satisfaction


I gained new respect for I Hope You Suffer after seeing AFI on this tour. Something about that song live and the imagery they use during it just creates an atmosphere of something sinister. By far it was my favorite song they played for the Chicago set.


Torch Song just makes me so happy. I’ve been listening to Crash Love on repeat this week. It’s a rough week, and that album makes it a wee bit better.


So many songs! I feel like this could change any given day. I’ll share with you this: with my sister, God Called in Sick Today is our favorite song. Right now, I’m feeling …But Home is Nowhere. I’m in a weird funk though so I’m brooding.