Do you sometimes feel as if you're growing out of AFI?


Just wodering. I enjoyed The Blood Album, which I know isn’t AFI’s best, didn’t care for Burials, think Crash Love was good. But it’s been several releases that I havent’ been surprised by AFI. Maybe it’s just a low point in my fandom. Last year my most listened band was Bring Me The Horizon and AFI was next, and this year doesn’t look ike it’s gonna change.


Oddly enough i had this same discussion with my two AFI loving friends the other day. Between us we have 8 AFI tatoos and i personally have been a fan since '98. But it breaks my heart to say that i think a little of the mystery has been lost for us at least. Im a super fan but also have to be objective. I hated, like actually hated the Missing Man e.p. The production was bad imo, i dont like how Jade recorded the vocals at all. Everything sounded flat to me. And Davey’s lyrics since CL have gotten near terrible at times to me. And i preordered it and then i ended up seeing a copy at my local record store and i was mad because i could’ve avoided those ridiculous shipping costs…more than any vinyl i’ve ever ordered. I wasn’t a fan of DreamCar either.
I mean i will always see them live because they never disappoint in that area. And i will continue to buy every release. But that being said, the last few albums havent struck a nerve in me that BS,AOD, STS and DU still do til this day. But i can no longer say that they are my favorite band. That title now goes to Cold Cave.


I understand what you mean. I had this feeling after Crash Love. I was really disappointed when DU came out and then I hated CL. That was a low point in my fandom and I eventually stopped paying attention for a while.

However, I’m going in the opposite direction now and they have been my most listened to band over the last 6 months. Though I do tend do lean into it when going through tough times…


I have only been an AFI for the last 5 years…so everything is nice and shiny for me :slight_smile: The Missing Man was not exactly what I was expecting…but I like it…so that’s fine for me…

I usually don’t listen to any new bands…at all…I just stick with the same music I have been listening for the last 21 years…and the only thing that can really pull me away from AFI is The Sex Pistols…but they haven’t released any new albums since I was born…so…that’s kind of tricky (And live albums doesn’t count…is the same music…actually most of their albums are the same music with different names…)

Have I ever grow out of any band that I liked a lot? Hell yeah! And that’s really depressing for me :frowning: I used to love NOFX but after “The War on Errorism” nope…same with Green Day and Rancid…the latests albums were a complete turn down for me :frowning:

Even worse…Dead Kennedys…what an amazing band! But without Jello Biafra…I couldn’t care less about them…Misfits with Jerry Only on vocals? Come on! What is he thinking about?!

AFI is making a new album…at least that what Davey been saying for a while…and I’m sure it’s coming! :smiley: So we’ll see…


I personally don’t really care for anything post-DU (and I haven’t listened to anything from DU in a good three years or so). But I can tell you I still blast the shit out of Black Sails at least a few times per month - sometimes it doesn’t leave my car stereo for weeks at a time and I have it playing constantly on the way to and from work. The same can be said for The Art of Drowning and Sing the Sorrow. Personally, I don’t think I truly came to appreciate Black Sails thematically until I was in my mid/late 20s (i.e. fairly recently) because I hadn’t experienced a betrayal so profound until that time to really be able to relate to exactly what Dave is talking about on that album. I mean I always loved that album, I always related to it, but I feel that album has a lot of rage I could not truly understand until I had this experience. And that album was the only thing that helped me function through the two and a half year aftermath. People who go on about how anything earlier than Crash Love is “immature” or “teenage angst” make me shake my head.

TLDR - NO. Maybe I don’t listen to them as often as I have in the past, but I still crank that shit fairly regularly. Still my favorite band to ever write and record music.


I have kind of the opposite opinion as a lot of people in that i was super disappointed in CL, thought Burials was going back in the right direction, loved Blood, and thought the EP was of a comparable quality.

So essentially, I think they have been on on upward trajectory since Crash Love.


I felt like I was growing out multiple times last year
I think because I finally started listening to OTHER bands, and I stopped with them for a while and got pretty sad about it
Then I bounced back😆


I’ve read all your replies and I feel like some of you. I think that my main issue is the very weak lyrics from the latest releases. I can’t believe that choruses ended up being one line that is repeated through it all (Aurelia, Get Hurt, White Offerings, The Missing Man, etc, etc).


Nope.I am around the bands.ages and been there since the 90s… Each album is their reflection and each other of their band projects are also.connected with AFI. As the years go by we all grow in all different ways. I am a spritual person and i have chosen paths that i have not had regret. Thesr guys are one of few that are still growing/developing/awakening and showing the fans and world what can be accomplished in ones lifetime all being positive and negative. When there is a will there is a way. All the things that come from their music can be taken and used as a tool like all music to escape into their and your own mind. Imagination and creativity can never be “out grown” go back to those years you once treasured and search and seek out.what might need to be healed
. nevet dwell. Everything will pass… We all live and we all die! <3<3 May the force be with you friends:-) muah xoxo hugs!


Respectatable opinion in the vein that peoples tastes variate over time and with experience (totally healthy). I find its the opposite for me, I tend to grow with artists as they progress. Possibly do to having a fascination with music production\song writing and countless artists/genres. With afi of its been a slow and steady beating drum since the release of all hallows long ago thats had some big gaps of time in between… and then BOOM i decided to finally join this site. :rofl:


During the crash love tour over here I felt that. I did 4 of the six shows, and after the Newcastle date which was show 3 of 4 i was just feeling burned out with them. To the point that I nearly didn’t and probably wouldn’t have gone to the Birmingham show the following night if it basically wasn’t on my way home anyway. That Birmingham show ended up being the best I’d seen of them in 7 years (since the London forum show in 03’). The energy and passion was right there on stage and the set was absolutely incredible. I walked out of that show buzzing and haven’t really looked back since. Turns out the older I get, and now into my mid 30’s, I have a lot more appreciation for the later stuff. I’ve grown to accept nothing will ever top black sails through to sing the sorrow to me, but there are moments on everything they have released since then, that is up there.
I’m not one of those people that will religiously listen to them every day or anything, and there will be weeks, months even where I won’t listen to them at all, but doesn’t change how I feel about them, or the excitement of a new release (even though it will inevitably fall short of some ridiculous expectation that I have). As long as they don’t involve themselves in some sort insane moral/legal controversy (Like Lostprophet’s Ian Watkins levels) then I think I’m there for life now.